Recently openaware announced its latest business venture WEB3SCAN. WEB3SCAN offers real-time data collection from Ethereum / EVM based blockchain systems. WEB3SCAN actively supports Parity, Go-Ethereum and Quorum based architectures. WEB3SCAN enriches blockchain data by decoding, synthesizing normalizing and aggregating. WEB3SCAN integrates blockchain and non-blockchain data and make data searchable using various techniques. WEB3SCAN offers these services for public, private and consortium networks.

Dave Hoogendoorn
Co-founder @ openAware BV
Offering real-time insights using blockchain data enables reliable fact-based decision making. Bringing these general capabilities to EVM-based blockchain architectures is a whole new game. We are happy to be able to offer a clear set of distinctive services allowing us to meet customer demands.

  1. With our Data Access and Data Integration offering we provide customers -having in house expertise on data analyses- the ability to tap directly into the enhanced blockchain data set and add business value leveraging their own decision support systems. This can especially advantageous in case of high security environments (where sensitive data cannot leave the premise), cost considerations (cloud is not always cheaper), corporate culture (depending on IT governance model) or just to avoid Lock In. With our Data Access and Data Integration offering we provide a distinct service for Enterprises that already invested heavily in their decision support systems, offering them an enhanced, up-to-date and fit-for-purpose blockchain data set.
  2. Our Online Data Mining and Dashboarding service allows you to not only look at Blockchain data, but also plug into your business data. Combine these based on known identifiers provides a comprehensive and single pane view on your data enabling you to quickly retrieve answers online based on your own insights and knowledge of your business data.
  3. Our Real Time Event Monitoring and Messaging offering allows our customers to receive information about any predefined blockchain event, when it occurs or whenever it is required, in the exact the format of preference. We move beyond the competition by not only using the native blockchain client capabilities to set filters for events but to offer event monitoring on the complete enhanced blockchain dataset (provided by our Data Gathering and Data Enhancement capabilities) driving more value. Ranging from detection of simple events or anomalies to specified business KPIs, we allow customers to be in charge and take control. In addition to that we offer advanced messaging by leveraging IFTTT capabilities enabling workflow automation.
  4. Our Advanced Analytics Services offering providing AI en ML capabilities are of a different magnitude, and are especially interesting for the Enterprises that use Blockchain and want to be able to drive decision support innovation using WEB3SCAN’s expertise and expert systems. Leveraging our Data Gathering and Data Enhancement capabilities we are capable of offering tailored analytics that meet the specific needs of any given business. Operated by our teams in close cooperation with our customers we enable them to make better decisions faster impacting sectors, companies, governments and citizens worldwide.

Based in The Netherlands, WEB3SCAN helps businesses worldwide to get a better understanding of Blockchain data. Follow us on this exciting journey on: